How the Power of God Flows

by Creflo Dollar | 3 Jan 2016


When we say we believe God for whatever we ask but do not see any results materialize, sometimes we can get confused about how we fit into His plan. If something we request does not come to pass, we can be quick to blame God or the devil, but we do not accept responsibility for the situation. The grace of God has already made available to us everything we could ever need in life. God’s power is ready to flow, but in order to tap into it, we must understand the relationship between this power, our authority as Believers, and the operation of His spiritual laws.


  1. Unwavering faith, trust, and belief in what God tells us will allow His power to flow into our lives.
    1. A woman had suffered from a bleeding disorder for twelve years, and no doctor could help her. She heard about Jesus, and believed without a doubt that by simply touching His garment, she would be made whole. She took action, and was immediately healed (Mark 5:25-30).  
      1. There were probably others in the crowd who also needed healing, but she was the only one who experienced the manifestation. This was because she truly believed, with no reservations, in His power.
    2. We have access by faith to grace, and we rejoice in the sure hope of the glory of God (Romans 5:2).
      1. Grace has made available healing, deliverance, and everything that pertains to life and godliness. Grace makes, and faith takes.
      2. We must use our authority to enforce those laws that govern the manifestations of the finished works of Jesus.
      3. The example of the woman who believed in Jesus strongly enough to take action teaches us that God’s power always flows through other people. It never works independently.
    3. Jesus grew and increased in wisdom, and His favor in God’s eyes also continued to increase (Luke 2:52). 
      1. Because He was fully human as well as fully God, Jesus grew, developed, gained wisdom, and learned things the same way everyone else did.
    4. Even at birth, Jesus was Lord (Luke 2:11).
      1. He learned Who He really was by meditating on the Word, just the way we learn who we really are.

Scripture References

Mark 5:25-30

  • Romans 5:2
  • Luke 2:11, 52