Times of Refreshing

by Taffi Dollar | 6 Jan 2016


As we enter into a new year and make a brand new start, we feel refreshed and renewed. In the same way that God has blessed us with a new year, we can also experience a spiritual renewal and refreshing when we allow His Holy Spirit into our life. God has a master plan for each one of us, and He does not want anyone to miss out on the blessings. In order for us to be ready to experience His continuous times of refreshing, we must live in constant anticipation and expectation of good things to happen.


  1. God is the only One Who can refresh us forever.
    1. When we need to be rested and refreshed, we must change our ways. We need to turn and face God, allowing Him to shower down blessings on us. He will send us Jesus, the Messiah (Acts 3:19, 20, MSG).
      1. The rushing, mighty wind was the manifestation of the Holy Spirit, Who came to refresh and renew the people.
      2. This kind of spiritual refreshing allows us to enter into God’s rest.
      3. It is the process of changing our mind and our attitude, and turning to God. This allows us to be in the Lord’s presence (Acts 3:19, TLB).
    2. God should be all we want in heaven and on earth. When we get old, He remains strong and faithful to us. Those who leave Him will disappear, never to be seen again, but those who are in His presence are refreshed (Psalm 73:25-28, MSG).
      1. We need to make Him the center of our life.
      2. He is well able to do what He says. We must believe this wholeheartedly if we are to see the manifestations of His presence.
      3. We must also be willing to take action and release our authority, so that He can work through us to reach others. We have a freewill choice, and much of the responsibility is on us.
  2. God refreshes and provides rest only to those who believe and obey Him.
    1. Jesus told His apostles to go and preach the Gospel everywhere. He promised that Believers would be saved and would see manifestations, but unbelievers would be condemned. After He ascended into heaven, He continued working with them to confirm their message with accompanying signs and wonders (Mark 16:15-20, AMP).
      1. Sometimes preaching the Gospel can be as simple as sharing our testimony of how God changed our life.
    2. A faithful messenger is like a cool drink of water at harvest time, and is refreshing to the life of his masters (Proverbs 25:13).
      1. If we are surrounded by unreliable people, we must rid ourselves of them and instead surround ourselves with godly people who do what they say.
    3. Oil and perfume make the heart rejoice, in the same way as wise counsel from a friend (Proverbs 27:9, AMP).
      1. We are refreshed when we receive honest, truthful advice from friends who speak from the heart.
    4. God spoke to the people in another tongue, telling them this is the rest for the weary and the refreshment they need, yet they would not listen (Isaiah 28:11, 12, AMP).
      1. In the Old Testament this referred to the Sabbath day, but now, Jesus is our Sabbath. He refreshes us, and gives us the rest we need.
      2. Jesus is the Way, but those who rebel against Him will not accept what He says.

Scripture References

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